martes, 24 de julio de 2012

like wood

I have heard somewhere that there are two kinds of people in this world, those who love the steel and those who love wood. This could sound a little ridiculous and I also believed that until last week I visited a couple of friends. One of them, Oliver, was the proudly owner of a new apartment in an exclusive part of London; quite a nice place to visit. He had the last in technology all over his place. A big TV screen and the last on audio system. What called my attention the most was his furniture. Although awesome it was everything but cozy. The living room, the dinner room even the bedroom was made of steel. I don’t think he has not taste at all. It was a pretty modern place however it was not for me (I don’t even have the money to afford one). A couple of days later I went to visit my other friend. He had inherited the place from an old aunt (he didn’t specified), and the place was empty. He had taken the time and effort to give life to this place again. Big surprise for me was when I see that almost everything was on wood.

Now, I’m not saying that wood is better that steel or iron or anything, but it really felt warmer and nicer a place like that. The thing I loved the most was the great dinner table he had; a beautiful piece of wood furniture where you really can image to serve a big and nice meal for your family, your friends or maybe just for your couple. I’ve never imagine how much a place would like me when mainly you can find wood furniture. It kind of makes you think you are sometimes bored of having always more portable and light furniture and in the same time remember the old days where wood was the main material for almost anything. She also showed me the bed; big king size bed with finery in the corners, beautifully designed. That was something I would not mind of having in my bedroom.

I don’t want to play favorites with this piece of article but I felt it was necessary to let you know that wood furniture not only offers you a place to sit or to go to sleep but it has this wonderful property of make your home cozier and livable. Wood furniture is not new at all but if you are a modern person you can personalized or customized your furniture and take advantage of the small places you have. The idea is not avoid this engaging material inside your home. Metal is fine, but don’t let the progress interfere with what you like and what would make you feel better inside your house. Just imagine a little reunion with your friend in your own and personalized chairs and table, playing some poker or just drinking a fine wine. Only wood can make a situation like that even better.

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